Image Guidelines

Photographs, digital images and/or diagrams are encouraged, with or without an accompanying contribution or manuscript.

Digital Images are the preference.  Images should be in either JPEG or TIFF format and preferably of at least 1Mb in size.  If smaller size images are available, please contact the Editor to discuss.

High quality original photographs and diagrams. Photographs (in colour or black & white) will be accepted.

Label all diagrams, digital images (in properties) and photographs with your surname and a brief explanation of each.  Please ensure that the Editor is aware of photos of patients so faces can be blanked out for privacy reasons.

Copyright declaration is the responsibility of the author and must be sent with photographs or diagrams which are the work of other people or organisations other than the author.

Photographs and diagrams will not be returned to the author and may be used by Response in other papers or items printed in the journal.

‘Real life’ images of ambulance cases will need to comply with the regulations of your State Ambulance Authority and Response will seek approval from them prior to publication.