About Response

Response is the premier general interest journal of Paramedics Australasia (PA). The journal is distributed quarterly to every PA member as part of their membership. Non-PA members can also subscribe to the journal.

Our readers consist of paramedicine professionals across Australasia. Response aims to publish articles of direct relevance to paramedic and emergency medical care. This includes clinical issues, developments in out-of-hospital care management, education and training, general research interest, profiles of key industry players, general news and commentary about the industry.

Articles will usually be placed in one of the following categories:

Special Features
Frontline – clinical issues
Supporting the Frontline – management, OHS&W, communications, peer support,…etc.
Case Reports – for clinical case discussions
Education and Training
International Scene – for news relating to international ambulance services
Chapter News
Research pages – including handy hints and ideas
Hot Spot – for information about latest technology or tools
Events Calendar
Member Pages – covering any news from members, including award winners, retirements, deaths, etc
Board Matters – for Board events and news
In Review

We encourage any articles relating to these topics, as well as other interest articles. If you have something to say, why not jot us a line and share it with the paramedicine community?  All submissions go to editor@paramedics.org.au

All articles submitted to Response will go in the running for the Editor’s Choice prize awarded each edition.  The prize is a $150 voucher to spend at Elsevier!