ALTC Project

Standards and Quality Indicators for Best Practice in Paramedic and Inter-Professional Experiential Practica

ALTC Grant ID 11-2069

“Funding for the production of this research has been provided by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. The views expressed on these pages do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.”

This project addresses the Program Priority one: Academic Standards. The project will develop a shared understanding of ‘standards’ within paramedic experiential inter-professional clinical practice at undergraduate level. Through the examination of international standards the project will construct quality indicators of best practice approaches for inter-professional paramedical practica and generate standards for clinical practice for Australian paramedic graduates.This work will then inform the development of a standard national curriculum.

The goals are to improve the capacity of Australian paramedic graduates to work effectively, through the development of quality indicators for both intra and inter-professional clinical practica. This will allow programs to achieve best practice, as well as to align paramedic clinical practica nationally with each other and with international clinical standards.

The project outputs/deliverables include:

  • improved capacity of paramedic graduates to enter the workforce upon graduation;
  • improved opportunity for higher education teachers to design and implement courses and educational resources;
  • improved capacity of paramedic graduates to work effectively in an inter-professional environment; and
  • benchmarking of best practice standards for both intra and inter-professional experiential practica in paramedical programs.

A collaboration between Edith Cowan University, Monash University, University of Sunshine Coast and Paramedics Australasia.