The EduSIG (Education Special Interest Group) is a special interest group of Paramedics Australasia. The EduSIG was developed to allow likeminded members to gather in a virtual community to discuss, review, and share information broadly related to paramedic education.

The establishment of the EduSIG has a number of broad aims. Firstly, to provide an opportunity for educators in Higher Education and the paramedic industry to identify gaps and synergies in the emerging body of paramedic pedagogy. Secondly, the group will foster leadership and guidance in paramedic education and training, offering opportunities for early-career researchers and clinical educators to develop skills in teaching and educational research.

The following topics are intended to provide a framework for future discussion and potential research opportunities:

  • Simulation
  • e-learning/m-learning
  • Work-readiness/Job readiness
  • Clinical placement education (communities of practice)
  • Web 2.0 (i.e. wiki’s, blogs, social networking)
  • Digital natives
  • Learning styles
  • Curriculum issues
  • Evaluation
  • Patient-centred learning
  • Interprofessional education
  • Professional development for the next generation of paramedic educators

If you wish to be involved in the EduSIG, please contact the convenor Jeff Allan on the following email: