Kershaw Scholarship – FAQ

The application process includes supporting paperwork that answers many questions.  Careful reading will answer most questions.  The below FAQ’s compliment the application process.

1. Will SAAS give me time off?

SAAS has in the past supported the scholarship recipient with paid time off (essentially study leave).  This is the current practice, but could be subject to change in the future.

2. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes.  This is best arranged by the recipient due to individual circumstances, and claiming a refund out of the scholarship funds.

3. Does it have to be overseas?

No.  The research undertaken as part of the scholarship can be undertaken within Australia.

4. I’ve never done any research before, does it matter; can PA and SAAS help develop a research idea?

There are no prescribed qualifications academic or otherwise required for the scholarship.  PA and SAAS may provide guidance in the development of a suitable idea.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to seek this guidance.  It is a benefit if the research idea is something that you are passionate about.

5. How can PA and SAAS support me to plan this trip if I get the scholarship?

PA can assist with making travel arrangements, but only prior to the commencement date of travel and pre-arrange payments where possible.

SAAS may assist with giveaways such as pens, baseball caps etc…and the preparation of a short presentation. SAAS can also provide contacts where possible in other services and letters of introduction.

6. What if the idea is not about emergency ambulance work, but still relevant to paramedic?

The scholarship is open to any PA member with more than 6 months continuous membership and must be an employee of SA Ambulance Service.  PA members may not necessarily be a ‘roadie’, and are encouraged to apply.

7. Do I need to pay tax if I successfully win the scholarship?

This will depend upon your individual circumstances.  PA and SAAS will not give advice in relation to your individual tax circumstances.

8. Can I defer the scholarship?

Ideally no, both PA and SAAS need the scholarship to be completed within 12 months of it being awarded.

9. Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

As long as you meet the application requirements for the scholarship, you can apply more than once.

10. My family is concerned about the country I have chosen to travel to, where can I get up to date information about travelling to my chosen country?

The best location to source information about overseas travel is This website is an Australia Federal Government website which contains a wealth of information.

11. Do I have to fill every day with scholarship research?

No.  You need to factor in rest time and time to consolidate and update notes.  You also need flexibility with meetings and travel arrangements.

There are guidelines regarding study time and rest days versus holidays which SAAS can provide advice on to prevent inadvertent FBT issues.