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AVOID Study Journal Club

Paramedics Australasia’s Journal Club is a great way to stay up to date with important research, in a relaxed, friendly, interactive environment.

This exciting Journal Club will be held at 7pm on Thursday September 19, 2013 at the Arkaba Hotel, Glen Osmond Road.

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Article: Follow this link for a copy of the article abstract – AVOID Study

Stub, D, Smith, K, Bernard, S, Bray, J, Stephenson, M, Cameron, P, Meredith, I, Kaye, D 2012, A randomized controlled trial of oxygen therapy in acute myocardial infarction Air Verses Oxygen In myocarDial infarction study (AVOID Study), American Heart Journal, vol. 163, no. 3, pp. 339–345.

Moderator: Ziad Nehme; Paramedic and Research Coordinator at Ambulance Victoria & PhD candidate at Monash University.

Catering: Refreshments and drinks provided

Cost: Paramedics Australasia members: complimentary, Non-members: $40


Paramedics Australasia members: via PA’s E-Learning portal – (access details below)

Non-PA members, via C-Vent Please note we cannot accept cash payment on arrival – non PA members must register and pay via C-Vent.


Special thanks to Cellmed and SA Ambulance Service for their support of this event.

E-Learning Details:

The E-Learning portal consists of a number of contemporary topics that are regularly reviewed and added to, the online eLearning topics can be completed at a time and place convenient to members by using either a computer or mobile device eg. tablet/iPad. The topics are a mixture of those developed by PA specifically for paramedics and links to relevant online learning material provided by external organisations all of which provide opportunities for development that are targeted to the profession.

By registering this way, members are also provided with a certificate of attendance for attending CPD events (and its much easier for the volunteer organisers!)

To access, go to the E-Learning portal ( and login using your PA username (usually first initial then last name e.g. jbloggs) with the initial password: welcome01.

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Q. What is the Journal Club about?

A. Journal Club  is a place where we “test the winds” of research and treatments that effect pre-hospital care, and ultimately try to improve patient outcomes by providing trusted and reliable summaries to those who make decisions about what our interventions should be and how we provide them.

Q. Who is eligible to attend Journal Club meetings?

A. Anyone with an interest in emergency medicine, including pre-hospital care.

Q. Do I have to read the articles before the night?

A.  It depends what you want to get out of the evening! There is limited value in coming along if you have no idea of what is being presented and are expecting a “teach me” session. The value of JC is in the discussion of treatment modalities and effects, and most importantly interpreting data from what new research is telling us.

Q. What if I want to offer an article for JC to look at?

A. Articles are triaged for relevance and importance to pre-hospital care. If you think an article is worthy of scrutiny at a meeting, submit it to us and it will be evaluated along with any other articles.

Q. Where are meetings held?

A. Usually at the Arkaba hotel, but can vary depending on topic and interest.

Q. Who funds Journal Club?

A. Paramedics Australasia SA Chapter is the major driver and funds provider for Journal Club. SA Ambulance Service is committed to this initiative and have indicated a willingness to provide what support they can, and often trade parters also contribute funds.

Q. Does it cost money to attend Journal Club?

A. If you are a member of PA it is free of charge, if not a fee  is normally charged to help cover the cost of refreshments. One aim is to get you to support PA by becoming a financial member and seeing it give back to the paramedic community via initiatives such as this. Members of certain other organisations who have a MOU with PA are also invited from time to time.

Q. How do I join Journal Club?

A. You don’t need to join, you just need to register via the PA website by the due date for each event. *You DO need to RSVP if you intend to attend*.

Q. Who do I contact for further info?

A. Journal Club facilitators Chris Cotton or James Pearce. All details for Journal Club are available via