Nomination for Fellow Membership

It is anticipated that those nominated would fulfil the following criteria:

1.  Be a current Member of Paramedics Australasia

2.  Demonstrate a significant and sustained level of commitment and contribution to the field of Paramedicine and Paramedics Australasia

3.  Provide a suitable role model through demonstrating a high standard of professional conduct consistent with the mission, interests, objectives and Code of Conduct of Paramedics Australasia.

4.  Maintain financial contributions as a fellow to Paramedics Australasia as prescribed.

Applying for Fellowship to Paramedics Australasia

The Board of Paramedics Australasia has the role to determine Fellowship.

PA Members wishing to advance, or to nominate someone to the status of Fellow are initially required to meet criteria set by the Board to establish their eligibility to undertake the elevation process.

A rating system has been developed to provide objective measurement of eligibility.

The Board has recognised that paramedicine personnel develop their careers in a variety of ways. To this extent the Board has recognised four criteria as the basis for evaluation in regard to advancement. A scoring system has been developed for each criteria. Members are required to draw a score from three of the four criteria, and must attain a minimum score of 50% to be eligible for the process of elevation to Fellow within PA.  The criteria are provided in the application form available below.

Application Form for Fellowship to Paramedics Australasia