Criteria for Membership

It is anticipated that a nominee for Member would fulfill the following criteria:

1. Hold an accredited degree or tertiary qualification (subject to the grandfather clause) in paramedicine which is recognised by Paramedics Australasia.

2. Is eligible for registration (where this exists) as a paramedic within Australasia and/or qualified person authorised to practice by a Paramedics Australasia approved EMS provider.

3.  Members are encouraged to obtain and maintain currency in the Paramedics Australasia Certified Emergency Medical Professional (CEMP) program.

4.  Demonstrates a high standard of professional conduct consistent with the mission, interests, objectives and Code of Conduct of Paramedics Australasia.

5.  Otherwise is qualified for automatic membership of Paramedics Australasia in the categories provided for under the grandfather provisions.

6. Maintain financial contributions as a Member to Paramedics Australasia as prescribed.

More information can be found in the PA Certified Rules.