How to Join

Full membership is available for just $12 a fortnight through payroll deduction or direct debit and your investment is fully tax deductible!

Membership to Paramedics Australasia is open to a broad range of professionals providing, or contributing directly to the provision of paramedic and emergency medical services throughout Australasia.  This can include (but is not limited to) Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Defence Force medical personnel, Volunteer Ambulance Officers, and Students.

To be considered for membership you should submit the Paramedics Australasia online application form – please select the appropriate link below.  In processing your application a determination will be made regarding your  membership status and professional recognition.

Once approved you will be sent a membership package, including your Certificate of Membership and details for accessing member benefits.

Professional Recognition Levels

Member applications can be submitted for any of the following professional recognition levels (post-nominals are indicated in brackets)

$312 per annum

$156 NZD per annum (special introductory price)

$312 per annum

$156 NZD per annum (special introductory price)

$156 per annum

$50 per annum

$20 per annum (plus Student Society fee)

$96 for one year only

The following membership levels can be awarded for special service to Paramedics Australasia:

  • Life Member (LMPA)
  • Honorary Fellow (HFPA)
  • Fellow (FPA) – $312 per annum

Payment Terms

Payment can be made in full by credit card at the time of applying for membership.  Alternatively, you can make an application for membership and select a ‘manual payment’ process to complete the application. Manual payments are accepted by EFT payment in full, direct debit by instalments, or (in some cases) payroll deduction.  Please contact PA’s Membership Registrar to discuss payment options in more detail, via the Contact Us Form.

The above discounted memberships are as per the PA Constitution Rule 2.5.2 – Discounts for the following categories of members

Retired Members

The per annum* membership fee will be $50 AUD for those Fellow, Member or Associate members who have retired from their vocational or occupational role with 10 or more years continuous membership of Paramedics Australasia (or its predecessors) and who were financial members of Paramedics Australasia at the time of their retirement.


A discount of 50% of the normal membership fee is available to members who undertake only a volunteer role within Paramedicine, subject to meeting all of the following criteria:

1)  The member is engaged in a role that is directly related to Paramedicine e.g. volunteer ambulance officer, surf life saver, St John Ambulance volunteer.

2)  That volunteering is the members only mode of engagement in Paramedicine i.e. the member is not elsewhere employed in the field.

3)  The member does not derive any income from their service as a volunteer.  This does not include the reimbursement of expenses incurred as a volunteer.

Graduate Transition Year

The Graduate Transition Year is available to graduates for a 1 year period from date of graduation. A scanned copy of your degree or the completed transcript is required for confirmation.

Limitations of this level –

1) Scholarships to be funded at half that of Associate member rates

2) Electronic delivery of Response only.

3) Full access to CPD and eLearning.

4) After 1 year from date of payment you will be required to upgrade to Associate Level if still not employed in the field of Paramedicine..

5) On gaining employment you would be expected to notify the Membership Registrar who will upgrade your membership to Member.