CPD Certification Process

If you are a PA Member as a qualified paramedic you have automatic access to the CPD program and to receive independent certification of skills from Paramedics Australasia, however you must submit the Annual Declaration and the Points Collection forms to receive your certificate of certification.

Process for Certification

There are two ways towards certification:

1. CPD Points Currency Claim

To become certified simply use Appendix 2, Section B for CPD points Currency Claim, then complete and sign the Appendix 2 Annual Declaration and the Appendix 3 for Points Collection forms, which can be downloaded from the links on the right of this page (you will need to login in order to access these downloads).

A total of 50 points per annum is required to achieve certification.

The following provides some examples of how points are allocated for certification.

  • eLearning would attract points respective to study time (eg, one point per hour). The PA eLearning portal provides details of number of points available for each course.
  • Review of literature and research articles (eg, one point per hour). There is a minimum standard for type of study, but points will apply to all scientific research literature and the nominated article in Response. There is also a ‘cap’ on the maximum points that can be gained for a specific ‘study’.
  • Attendance at accredited education evenings (as per the allocated points, eg, one point per hour).
  • Value of points for Uni/Authority degree (eg, 20-25 points for two semesters of study). Note that the degree or diploma must be ambulance orientated and not a nursing stream.
  • Attendance at registered conferences (as per Conference points allocated eg. 10-20).

A certificate of competency from a Superintendent or Training Facilitator can be included with these supporting documents.

2. CPD Claim from a State Authority Recognised Professional Development Program

Alternatively, you can submit a claim for CPD currency based on a State authority recognised system of professional development (e.g., workplace education and training program).  Simply download and complete the form Appendix 2, Section A.

Applying for Certification

Once the forms are completed, including a list of all relevant activities, please submit both forms, with evidence of your development activities including attendance certificates and/or certificate of competency to the Secretariat of Continuing Professional Development, Malcolm McDonald by email to cpd@paramedics.org.au.

On approval, the certificate of CERTIFICATION will then be issued by the PA Board of Directors.


Recertification is required annually – submit Appendix 2 to cpd@paramedics.org.au by 30th June each year.

Recertification certificates are issued from the Secretariat of Continuing Professional Development after 30th June each year.

Further information about the CPD program requirements is available from the CPD Secretariat: cpd@paramedics.org.au

CPD Certification Forms

[private]Appendix 2- Annual Declaration Form

Appendix 3- Points Collection