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Rural & Remote SIG now on Twitter!

The Rural and Remote Paramedicine Special Interest Group is now on Twitter. #Rural_Paramed_1 Please join the conversation and share anything you think is of interest to paramedics operating in rural or remote settings, or something that other people should know about rural and remote paramedicine. Here is the url. Peter O’Meara R&R SIG Convenor

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HCRRA Supports Paramedic Registration

The Health Consumers of Rural and Remote Australia (HCRRA) have expressed their support for the registration of paramedics in their latest June Newsletter. “People in rural and remote communities, in particular, are aware of the invaluable work performed by paramedics and HCRRA is only too pleased to offer its support.” The HCRRA newsletter is available […]

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iR2pc Meeting

iR2pc is the International Rural and Remote Prehospital Collaborative committed to exploring the the development of effective, evidence based emergency health services in the unique and resource challenged environment of rural and remote communities. PA is a member of the collaborative through the Rural and Remote SIG. In July 2014, Australian, Alaskan and Yukon rural […]

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Outcomes of Rural Health Conference in Adelaide

Seventeen priority recommendations The seventeen priority recommendations from the Conference in Adelaide deal with rural and remote aspects of health-related infrastructure, clinical services, health workforce, and improved targeting of programs related to chronic conditions among Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders. The thousand people at the Conference made it clear that they expect their voices […]

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